:Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of crushing lines

The company’s pioneer in Khavaran industry has been able to design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of special machinery and equipment for the crushing and grading lines of various minerals and materials.
Considering that in a process of crushing the principles of various factors to achieve the quality and uniform product with the least waste and the most effective, therefore, the technical part of this company, considering the parameters of the mineral type, material hardness, production capacity, the required dimensions and all parameters involved, the process of proper crushing of minerals and appropriate machinery and equipment is designed and produced.

: activities

Design, production and commissioning of equipment and machinery for crushing lines of minerals
Providing the equipment for transmission of minerals horizontally and vertically
Update current and old machinery with modern technology and conversion to optimal systems.
Installation, maintenance and periodic services of breaking lines

: Design and commissioning of briquetting lines

In most industries, during the production process, there are always some side-by-product values, mainly due to fine gradation, it is not possible to use them efficiently.
These materials, which some times high economic value, can not be used only by dimensional constraints, such as coarse-grained materials, have significant negative effects on the efficiency of production of creating lesions and the lack of economic attention of industrial activities.
Using the Briquetting technology, effective use of side materials is possible, and increasing the production efficiency and reducing the wastes can be a high value added.

Some industries that widely use briquetting technology to improve their performance and increase the production efficiency of their processes are as follows:

Iron and steel (sponge iron, direct reclamation and steel building units, oxide shells)
Minerals (in most coal mines, salts, dolomite, manganese, ferro-alloys, alumina, lime and…
Chemicals (sulfates, carbonate, chloride, cyanide, bromide, etc.)
Chemical fertilizers for agriculture
The company has the ability to design and implement the complete briquetting line including machinery and related equipment for a variety of minerals such as sponge iron, Ferroalloy, copper, coal, coke and lime. .

: Company activities in the briquetting sector

Design, construction, installation and commissioning of briquetting lines including:

Different types of briquettes with various capacities of production with new design and patented by the company
Equipment for packing and crushing materials
Types of stirrer and mixers for different types of minerals
Briquetting Dryer System
Overhaul and spare parts manufacturing and replacement of different types of briquetting machine
Design and implementation of industrial dust systems including dust collecting equipment, discharge and filtration system using cyclone and filter bag system
Designing of briquetting machine molds based on the production capacity and type of mineral material is done by the technical department of this company.
Mold material of high quality alloy steels is selected according to the type of minerals and is machined by advanced CNC machinery.
On all molds, appropriate heat treatment is performed to improve the life of the mould.
The company has the ability to design and manufacture new multi-piece molds in different models depending on the required tonnage.
Before construction of the mineral waste processing system, the customer is done in the laboratory pilot of the company and the relevant tests are carried out on the briquettes.
All production lines and equipment are guaranteed at least for one year.